2012 - 13 My Community!

My Community is the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lakeland & Mulberry's response to the need for more academic enrichment for members as well as common life skills that are often not taught in the school system.  It's Monopoly meets The Game of Life, 21st Century Style!
Each day members will meet with a certified teacher and learn about the community they live in.  Members will gain knowledge in Retail, Agriculture, Parks & Recreation, Banking, Tourism, Philanthropy, Safety, Global Influence, Education and Government--all while practicing basic necessary reading and math skills.  Members will create their own community at the end of each week and have an opportunity to "live" in it.  Members will be making money and learning the importance of saving and donating.

We are excited to kick off this new program the Fall school year of 2012 with the help of Learning Resource Center.  Learning Resource Center will be providing the teachers and curriculum needed to make this project a success!
Update (January 2013)
Our members have currently mastered the bank with their deposits, withdrawals and interest.  They have learned the importance of saving and the joy of spending while keeping up on their addition, subtraction and multiplication facts.  Members have used their hard earned "club bucks" in the member run general store.  New prizes and items to save for are added each week.
This month members began two more very important parts of our "Community", we have added a restaurant and a print shop!  The Restaurant has turned out some delicious muffins, smoothies, popcorn so far.  Pizza is soon to come!  Members are getting hands on experience with measuring and following directions.  The print shop is currently working on menus for the restaurant and newsletters for parent night.  Members are practicing their writing skills and creating items they can share with their parents.
Update (March 2013)
This month we launched our own club libraries and movie theaters!  We are so excited that the kids are learning about different genres of movies and books.  Pretty soon they'll be on their way to becoming big time movie directors!  Keep an eye out for our club movies, coming soon!
We've been lucky enough to have a great visit by our local librarian who loved sharing all of her knowledge to the kids.  They have learned about and created their own 'old fashioned' catalog system for their book collection already and will soon be ready to check out books!
Update (June 2013)
This month we started work on our Home Improvement store, music store and art museum!  We are staying busy this summer!  So far we have learned the basics of measurement and practiced some hands on tool safety while we built bird houses and planters.  We even took a field trip to Home Depot!  Check out some of the pictures on our pictures page!