Frequently Asked Questions
1. Will my child have time to do his/her homework?
Every Club provides an opportunity for members to do their homework. It is the member's responsibility to make the best use of this time by attending regularly and bringing the necessary books and supplies. Staff are available to assist the members.
2. What does my child do with his/her stuff?

We are sorry, but we are not responsible for lost or stolen personal articles. Staff is unable to hold for safekeeping any money or other objects. Cubbies are provided, but they are open and can't be locked. Please label everything your child brings to the Club. Toys, games, radios, jewelry and similar items should be left at home.


3. What do I do if my child has a problem or if I have a question?

Please call the Club or see the Director the same day that an incident occurs.
We want to correct any misunderstandings or wrong doings while all the facts are still fresh in our minds. After hours messages may be left on the Boys & Girls Club voicemail system at 863-686-1719.


4. What is the open door policy?

The Boys & Girls Clubs open door policy states that a child may come at any time. This is not to be interpreted as an invitation for the child to wander in and out freely. All members must sign in and out of the Club. Parents are requested to sign children out. Anyone picking up a child must be listed on the membership card.

5. Help, I'm running late. What do I do?

If you are running late, please call the Club so the staff can reassure your child that you are on your way. If the child remains after the posted closing time, the staff may contact the emergency numbers. If this is an ongoing problem, the child's enrollment in the Club may be suspended or terminated.

6. How do I become a volunteer and/or what are some of these opportunties?

All volunteers must complete a volunteer application including a local law enforcement check and affidavit of good moral character. Please 863-686-1719 to request a volunteer application packet.

Volunteer opportunities can range from a one-hour visit to a Boys & Girls Club to speak to a small group about a subject of interest to regular involvement with a program, sport or activity. Some of these are:

Coach: An opportunity to work directly with young people on a team or individual sport developing their skills, sportsmanship and positive sense of accomplishment. Sports include: football, basketball, soccer, golf.

Teacher: Work directly with small groups of young people in an area of your interest (work or hobby) such as fine arts, photography, crafts, or technology. Help the Club members to enjoy an opportunity to learn and refine a new skill and to succeed in local, regional and national competition.

Tutor: Help a child or several to develop their skills in math, reading, writing or another subject so that they can improve their grades or keep good grades.

Reader: Engage younger children (usually ages 6 - 7) in positive learning activities by reading age appropriate books to/with them.

Listener: This is an opportunity for our Club children to have a caring adult pay attention to them in a one to one basis. Listen as they tell about their special successes that day or those challenges that are faced as one progresses through childhood. This is a great way to help young people feel important and loved.

Chaperone: Travel with a group of Club children to special events to ensure their safety and positive experience. Trips can be to activities ranging from a college tour, to a visit to a local bakery, to a major league baseball game.

Mentor: Individuals who wish to make a significant difference in the life of a child can sign up as a Big Brother or Big Sister. Boys & Girls Clubs have a special relationship with this partner organization to offer Club based mentoring opportunities.

Project Volunteer: Clubs rely on volunteers to do countless jobs from painting, to landscaping, to cleaning vehicles. We also count on volunteers to help with special events such as our annual Dinner.
Volunteers help in many ways from set-up, to serving as hosts/hostesses, to preparing event materials.

If you have a special interest in helping the Clubs in a way that is not described above call 863-686-1719. We can find a way for almost everyone to lend a hand!